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Immediate openings in Transitional Kindergarten (must turn 5 between September 2 and December 2, 2017) and in 3rd grade.  Apply today at

News and Announcements

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will be happening next week, October 16th-October 20th, and will be located in the Gym. 1st – 6th grade students will be able to preview the fair and purchase books during their PE class. 7th – 8th grade students may purchase books during their lunch break. TK & Kindergarten students may purchase books at dismissal with their parents. Join us after school every day for a special treat with purchase or stop in as a family during the Harvest Festival. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Core Knowledge

Rocklin Academy’s Core Knowledge curriculum offers students the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of a variety of social studies and science curriculum topics. Our teachers work diligently each week to incorporate interactive and technology based activities that enhance the learning of Core Knowledge topics and subjects. Over the past month, we challenged teachers to put their Core Knowledge learning into action and were amazed at what we observed our students working on.

Our fantastic second grade team invited the Mandarin Dance Team, from Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, to visit our school campus and perform a traditional ceremonial dance. This fascinating assembly brought our student’s learning of Early Civilizations in Asia to life. In fourth grade, students were practicing note taking and comprehension skills by viewing an engaging video clip about Songhai (A Medieval African Kingdom) and then asked to transfer their learning onto a graphic organizer. Third grade students were creating digital media slides to demonstrate their understanding of animals groups and taxonomy. Fifth grade writing and art is proudly hung on walls and windows showcasing student knowledge of Early European Exploration and Meso-American Civilizations.

These are only a few examples of the hands on and meaningful learning opportunities happening in every classroom on campus. We are very proud of our teachers hard work in planning and preparing such engaging activities that seamlessly blend structured content learning, with hands on projects. We know that these activities allow students to demonstrate their understanding of content in a variety of ways and foster creativity and highlight their 21st century technology skills. Our students' hard work and dedication to growth and learning can be seen throughout the grade levels and classrooms on a daily basis. At Rocklin Academy, we love our rich Core Knowledge curriculum and the many opportunities it allows our students to have and experience each and every day at school!
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Parent Cyberbullying and Social Media Night

Want to know how to help your student stay safe in the Digital World? Then plan on attending our first annual parent Cyberbullying and Social Media night on October 3rd at 6:30. The event will be held on the Gateway Campus located at 6550 Lonetree Blvd. We will have an administrator from the Roseville Police Departments Social Services Unit speak on Cybersafety topics. Space is limited at this event so we are making this a parents only night. All Rocklin Academy Family of Schools parents are invited to attend this very informative evening. We hope to see you there!
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Arrival and Dismissal

We would like to take a moment to review traffic expectations for dismissal. It is absolutely imperative that our families follow the specific dismissal windows as to not cause congestions in the business park. Please arrive in the parking lot at the designated time frame for your child(ren)’s schedule. If you do arrive early, please park in a parking lot space that is part of our campus not that of the surrounding businesses. • Arrive in the business park only during your scheduled pick-up and drop-off window. Early arrivals cause unnecessary congestion in the business park. If you are early, please park appropriately in a parking spot and wait for your pick-up window to begin. Staff will be asking early arrivers to park to avoid the back up into the business park. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping all of our students safe, and for helping us foster positive relationships within our business park community!
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Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, August 15th

Schedule A Families: 2:00pm-3:00pm
Schedule B Families: 9:00am-10:00am
Schedule C Families (6th grade only): 11:00am-12:00am

Transitional Kindergarten: individual meet times will be emailed out from the teacher.
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GATE testing for registered students will be held on August 7th, before the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

Testing is available to students in grades 2-11. If you would like your child to be GATE tested for formal identification, please submit a “GATE test request” available on the district website under Departments >Educational Testing. The link will be available as of June 15th.

If your child has already been GATE identified with Rocklin Academy in the past, they do not need to be tested again. If they are coming to us from another school and have already been GATE identified, please provide us with a copy of the GATE identification letter so we may include it in the students file.

More information regarding time and location will be forthcoming on the website and via email.
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