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Merit Program Work Day
Date: 8/8/2016, 9 AM 12 PM
Location: Playground

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TK-3rd Grade PBIS Game Day Celebration, April 8, 2016

Our TK-3rd grade students have filled their bucket located in the front office with Gator Tickets! This means our TK-3rd grade students have shown respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness throughout the school day. To celebrate this huge accomplishment, we will have a Game Day Celebration with our TK-3rd grade students on April 8, 2016. Students will participate in various games such as a relay/obstacle course, limbo, freeze dance, and tic-tac-toe bingo relay.
The parking lot on the west side (closest to the freeway) of building 6550 will be closed as well as the back of building 6550 to allow our students to use this area for the games during the hours of 8:30am-1:45pm. Your child’s teacher will be sending home an email this week with needed support and the time your child’s class will be participating in the celebration. We will need many volunteers, so mark your calendars!

Dance Showcase

The RA Gateway PSP is very excited to be hosting the "Rockin' on the Radio" Dance Showcase on 4/11 & 4/12 at the Rocklin Event Center. Just to clarify, all students will be performing twice each evening, once at 6pm and again at 7:30pm. (Both shows are exactly the same) Ticket order forms are due by Friday, 4/1. Parents are welcome to attend either the 6:00pm or 7:30pm performance, we ask that you only attend one performance due to the amount of families.

More information will be coming on 4/6 regarding drop off and pick up times and locations. If you have any further questions please email gatewaypsp@rafos.org.

2016-2017 School Calendar

Please click on the student tab to view the 2016-2017 school calendar. Please remember to plan around school breaks when scheduling vacations and appointments.

Save the Date - Core Knowledge Showcase

Open House/Core Knowledge Showcase at Rocklin Academy Gateway

This event will feature the music and art of the rich Core Knowledge curriculum.

Thursday, May 26th (Minimum Day for K-6) -
Schedule A & Doyle, Penney, Kuwazaki, Wiegand, Paul and Fletcher

Tuesday, May 31st (Regular Day) - Schedule B & Jackson, Watkins, Bryson, and Fisher

Time: 6:00pm

Nutritional Services - New Ordering Process

There is a NEW form now posted on our webpage! In an effort to streamline the lunch ordering process, we have developed a Google Form, which is now posted on our website on our nutritional services page. Thank you for your cooperation and your willingness to help us streamline our lunch services for your children.

We would also like to ask for your assistance in how you pay for your lunches. If you are ordering for the whole month it would be extremely helpful if you could pay for the whole month at one time, if that is possible for your family. We would also like to encourage you to pay online. By paying online you are helping us reduce the number of bank deposits that need to be made every day as payments are received. Thank you for your consideration.

Late Pick-Up for all Schedules

We have been noticing a significant increase in students being picked up from school past dismissal time for all three schedules. This is creating congestion in our office and is interfering with our staff’s ability to perform their professional responsibilities. Beginning on January 4th upon our return to school from winter break, students from schedule A and B not picked up from school during their scheduled window of time will be taken to the playground picnic area instead of the office. This is the picnic area closest to the front of building 6550. Thirty minutes after dismissal time, students will be checked into the Later Gator after school program for an emergency drop in fee ranging from $17 to $21. Schedule C students will be brought to the office in building 6552.

Re-Enrollment Final Deadline, Monday, February 29th

The final deadline to submit your student’s re-enrollment form is Monday, February 29th. One form per student is required for all students currently attending Grades TK through 11. This is the only way to guarantee your student's continued enrollment for 2016-17.

If you have NOT received your email from noreply+rafos.schoolmint.com, please add the address to your address book. We had a 99.6% success rate in sending out the emails, so it is possible your email provider has either blocked this email address or it is sitting in your spam/junk folder. Please check both parent/guardian email addresses. If you still have not received your student’s access code to complete the re-enrollment form, send an email with your student’s name to dwalsh@rocklinacademy.org. Once you submit your re-enrollment form, you will receive a confirmation. Another verification email will be sent once the form is processed.

If you need a computer, you can visit the Parent Kiosk which is located at 660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). If you have any trouble using SchoolMint, please contact SchoolMint at:

Email Support: support@schoolmint.com
Phone: (844) 287-2466 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST

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