Food & Nutrition Services

We are proud to be able to offer fresh and nutritious food to our students daily when they opt to purchase lunch at school. Most menu items are served with fresh vegetables daily. Also available daily is access to the garden bar as part of our entrée. At our garden bar we serve tossed salad, beans, dairy products, a variety of other salads, and fresh fruit.  Students are able to choose what they want from this area.  Meals come with regular milk, chocolate milk, or juice.


Meal Prices: (subject to change)

Grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade: $3.75
Grades Sixth through Eighth Grade: $4.25
Adult Lunches: $5.00

Accounts and Payment Methods

When enrolled, all students are issued a lunch account which is accessed by telling the cashier their name and teacher’s name. Parent/Guardians may purchase any number of lunches in advance at the front office or online at the parent portal daily. In the event of forgotten lunch money, students may charge no more than two lunches to their account before payment to bring the account current is expected. Parents will be contacted when their child has had to charge a lunch and payment must be received the next day. Students may also bring lunches from home and purchase milk.


Families will be contacted when their account reaches a $0 balance or becomes overdrawn. Immediate payment is expected upon notification.

Lunch Account Parent Portal

Lunches are served on a pre-paid basis and parents may purchase any number of lunches in advance. Making a payment online is the fastest way to credit a student’s lunch account.  All parents are highly encouraged to create an account for their student(s) through the portal.  This will enable parents to monitor account activity even if they choose to make a payment with cash or check to the office.  Parent Portal  payments made online are subject to a $2.15 fee per transaction.


Cafeteria Conduct Cafeteria Expectations

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resourceful

·   Talk quietly

·   Keep cafeteria clean

·   Raise your hand if you need help

·   Use polite manners

·   Choose healthy options

·   Take only the amount of food you will eat

·   Speak with good purpose

·   Follow procedures



Free or Reduced Lunch Program

You may apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch program by filling out an application and submitting it to our office or emailing the completed form to Kim Madak at Students who are participating in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program from the previous school year need to submit a new application for the current school year. Applications will be processed within the first 30 days of school. You will be notified by our staff as to the status of your application within that time frame. Until eligibility is determined students are required to pay full price.