Related Procedures

Route 2

Zero period drop off window 7:55-8:10

Students on schedule C with siblings on schedule B may arrive at School with their siblings starting at 7:55 am and proceed to the multi-purpose room in building 6550 until they are dismissed to class. Zero Period is supervised by yard duty aides, who will have a list of eligible students. Students in Zero Period must adhere to the school rules and respect the instructions of the supervising staff. Students on schedule C may not be on any other part of the school grounds before 8:15.


Walking to/from School

  • Walk on the sidewalk.
  • Cross streets using the crosswalks.
  • Walk facing the traffic whenever possible.


  • Bicycles must be walked at all times while on the school campus.
  • Walk your bicycle across the crosswalks.
  • Lock your bicycle.
  • Stay out of the bicycle rack area after you park your bike.
  • No bicycle riding, skateboarding, or skating on the school grounds before, during, or after school.
  • Helmets are required by state law.



  • Fold-up and carry and/or walk scooters on school grounds.
  • Scooters may be kept in classrooms and taken home each day. 



  • Remove rollerblades before entering school grounds. Rollerblades may be kept in classrooms and taken home each day. Heely roller shoes are not allowed at school.