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Math Olympiads -Sponsored by PSP

Application deadline is Friday August 31st, 2018.


Rocklin Academy Gateway will once again be providing our children with the opportunity to study Math Olympiad problem solving skills, compete in the 2018-2019 Math Olympiad Contests and other regional math competitions. 4th-6th  grades will compete on ES level, while 6th-8th grades will compete on MS level.


The Math Olympiad Program will engage students in creative problem solving activities to develop their ability to reason, to be logical, and to be resourceful. Its scope and difficulty are beyond regular, grade level school math ( for more information). Joining the program is a serious commitment of your child’s time to study, to attend weekly sessions on Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm, and to complete weekly homework; it is also a serious commitment of parents’ time to monitor and tutor your students whenever they have difficulty, and to communicate with the coaches regularly as requested.

Participants will take five monthly worldwide Math Olympiad contests from November to March, one AMC-8 contest for MS students in November, and the options of other regional math competitions along the way.

The Math Olympiad Program is sponsored by Rocklin Academy Gateway PSP, and run by parent volunteer coaches, from September 2018 to March/April 2019. We are planning to offer classes on three levels:


MO Beyond (subject to coach availability)

Target Audience:  6th-8th grade students with strong competition experience and ready for acceleration to excel in middle school competitions.


Target Competitions: AMC-8, INTER^2 SECT, MOEMS Division M, MathCounts.


MO Competitive

Target Audience: 4th-6th grade students with competition experience and ready for acceleration to

excel in elementary competitions; 7th grade students new to MO training.


Target Competitions: State Championship, MOEMS Division E/M.


MO Essence (subject to coach availability)

Target Audience: 4th-6th grade students new to MO training, or still improving in competitions.


Target Competitions: MOEMS Division E, SacMath.



The MO program is a competitive academic program. A strong performance in school math is a prerequisite to ensure that participants have the academic foundation and the spare time for the MO study. Admission to the program will be based on a student’s academic performance in the previous year, as well as the result from an admission assessment test that will be given (time/location to be announced). Performance and admission test result will also be used to determine class level placement for a student.


To apply for admission to the MO Program, please

  1. Fill out the online application form ;
  2. Submit your student’s latest school test or state test report to ;
  3. Upon notice of time and location, bring your student to take the admission

Application deadline is Friday August 31st, 2018.


Please direct any questions to the coach, Swaminathan Murugesan at