Rocklin Academy Gateway

Nutrition Services


Welcome to nutrition services!  We are proud to be able to offer fresh and nutritious food to our students daily when they opt to purchase lunch at school. Working in partnership with our families during our first three years, we have made some changes to our program based on parent and student feedback.  Thank you to our amazing parent and student community for providing timely and constructive feedback about our program, so that we can better serve our students.

The Rocklin Academy Gateway campus runs its own lunch program independently from our other schools.  We have created this unique and valuable program which offers menus that include fresh food options for students.  We serve items like:

  • Roasted Chicken
  • Mandarin Orange Chicken
  • Sausage with Lentils
  • Pork Sliders
  • Salmon with Couscous

Most of these items and many more are served with fresh vegetables daily.  Also available daily is access to the garden bar as part of the entrée. At our garden bar we serve tossed salad, beans, dairy products, a variety of other salads, and fresh fruit.  Students are able to choose what they take from this area.  Finally, our meals come with regular milk, chocolate milk, or juice.

Meal Prices

Grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade: $3.25
Grades Sixth through Eighth Grade: $4.25

Student Accounts and Payment Methods

When enrolled at Rocklin Academy Gateway in grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade, all students are given a lunch account which is accessed by the student telling the cashier their teacher’s name and their name. Student ID pictures in the Nutrition Services software computer are a third means of identification. Students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program follow the same procedure so there is no overt identification. Lunches are served on a pre-paid basis and parent/guardians may prepay for any number of lunches in advance through the parent payment portal or in the front office. In the event of forgotten lunch payments, students may charge a lunch to their account but payment to bring the account current is expected directly. 

When an account becomes overdrawn by two meals, which is $6.50 or $8.50 depending on the student’s grade level, a student will only be given a courtesy meal consisting of crackers and a piece of whole fruit until the account is paid and prepayment funds are put onto the account. Families will be contacted when their account reaches a $0 balance or becomes overdrawn. Immediate payment is expected upon notification. Ala carte menu items are not available to purchase for students whose accounts are at a balance or $0 or overdrawn.

Lunch Account Parent Portal

Lunches are served on a pre-paid basis and parents may purchase any number of lunches in advance. Making a payment online is the fastest way to credit a student’s lunch account.  All parents are highly encouraged to create an account for their student(s) through the portal.  This will enable parents to monitor account activity even if they choose to make a payment with cash or check to the office.   Parent Portal  Payments made online are subject to a $2.15 fee per transaction.

Ordering Lunches

During our first three years of operation Rocklin Academy Gateway families were required to pre-order their lunches one week in advance of those lunches being served.  This system was created due to our limited storage capacity.  Feedback from our families was that they would like the flexibility to order lunch on the day lunch would be needed.  We have taken that feedback to heart, and now we will be allowing students to order lunch the day they will be served that lunch.  Our storage capacity has not changed, but with three years of sales data, we will be purchasing our food based on previous sales data.

This new way of ordering is being implemented as a solution to parent feedback to make ordering lunch more convenient for both parents and students.  This may cause us occasionally to run short on our entrees and not have enough to give every student that menu item. Alongside our entrees, we will have an alternate lunch item prepared to be served if this happens.  These additional menu items will be determined by our school chef on a daily basis as needed.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

You may apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch program by filling out an application and submitting that to our office.  Students who are already participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program from the 2016-2017 need to submit a new application for the 2017-2018 school year.  Applications will be processed within the first 30 days of school.  You will be notified by our staff as to the status of your application within that time frame. If your child(ren) were eligible for free or reduced lunches during the 2016-2017 school year, then this status continues for 30 days pending processing of the new year's application.  Students who have not previously qualified, until eligibility is determined, students are required to pay full price.