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Immediate openings in Transitional Kindergarten (must turn 5 between September 2 and December 2, 2017) and in 3rd grade.  Apply today at

News and Announcements

2016-2017 School Calendar

Please click on the student tab to view the 2016-2017 school calendar. Please remember to plan around school breaks when scheduling vacations and appointments.
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Nutritional Services - New Ordering Process

There is a NEW form now posted on our webpage! In an effort to streamline the lunch ordering process, we have developed a Google Form, which is now posted on our website on our nutritional services page. Thank you for your cooperation and your willingness to help us streamline our lunch services for your children.

We would also like to ask for your assistance in how you pay for your lunches. If you are ordering for the whole month it would be extremely helpful if you could pay for the whole month at one time, if that is possible for your family. We would also like to encourage you to pay online. By paying online you are helping us reduce the number of bank deposits that need to be made every day as payments are received. Thank you for your consideration.
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Report Student Absence –New Email Address

If your child is absent, please call the office by 8:30am at (916) 778-4550 X845 or the day your child is absent. If you know your child will be out for more than one day (i.e., due to fever, flu, diagnosis, travel, etc.), please state how many days you expect them to be absent.
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Late Pick-Up for all Schedules

We have been noticing a significant increase in students being picked up from school past dismissal time for all three schedules. This is creating congestion in our office and is interfering with our staff’s ability to perform their professional responsibilities. Beginning on January 4th upon our return to school from winter break, students from schedule A and B not picked up from school during their scheduled window of time will be taken to the playground picnic area instead of the office. This is the picnic area closest to the front of building 6550. Thirty minutes after dismissal time, students will be checked into the Later Gator after school program for an emergency drop in fee ranging from $17 to $21. Schedule C students will be brought to the office in building 6552.
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Re-Enrollment Final Deadline, Monday, February 29th

The final deadline to submit your student’s re-enrollment form is Monday, February 29th. One form per student is required for all students currently attending Grades TK through 11. This is the only way to guarantee your student's continued enrollment for 2016-17.

If you have NOT received your email from, please add the address to your address book. We had a 99.6% success rate in sending out the emails, so it is possible your email provider has either blocked this email address or it is sitting in your spam/junk folder. Please check both parent/guardian email addresses. If you still have not received your student’s access code to complete the re-enrollment form, send an email with your student’s name to Once you submit your re-enrollment form, you will receive a confirmation. Another verification email will be sent once the form is processed.

If you need a computer, you can visit the Parent Kiosk which is located at 660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). If you have any trouble using SchoolMint, please contact SchoolMint at:

Email Support:
Phone: (844) 287-2466 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST
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From the RA Board of Directors Chairman

On behalf of the Rocklin Academy Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to announce that the Board has appointed Robin Stout as our Executive Director/Superintendent. Robin has been in an interim capacity since July.

Robin has seamlessly stepped into the Executive Director/Superintendent role and has demonstrated a natural leadership and an eagerness to confront challenges. She has done an outstanding job representing Rocklin Academy in the short time she has been in the interim role and the Board is confident in her ability to lead the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools as we continue to improve and expand our educational programs.

Doug Johnson
Board Chair
Rocklin Academy
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You may have noticed the beautiful white picket fence outside the multipurpose room surrounding our very own “kinder garden”. For his Eagle Scout project, Nick Oehler, a junior at Rocklin High School, with the help and support of his project coach, Jon Dresser, designed and built the amazing garden for our kindergarten students who study farms and plants through our Core Knowledge curriculum. Perhaps our kindergarteners will grow the very vegetable and herbs used in our school lunch!
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Rocklin Academy Preschool

Rocklin Academy Preschool has a limited number of openings in our preschool classes. Please contact our director,Mary Howe, for more details at
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Water Only at School

We agree, Starbucks is a wonderful way to start the morning! With this is mind, we are noticing that many of our students are coming to school with cups of drinks in the morning. Students will be asked to finish their drink or throw it away PRIOR to entering the building as we allow only water to be consumed in the classroom
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Traffic Reminders for Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Please pull all the way forward to the furthest cone possible. Stopping earlier inhibits the flow of traffic.Students should exit/enter on the driver’s side of the vehicle for building 6550, and the passenger side of building 6552. Having children exit/enter from the other side is dangerous for students. Please only arrive in the parking lot during your scheduled time slot for your schedule A, B, or C.
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